Meet our dynamic consortium of 12 partners, providing diverse perspectives on social resilience, community building and participatory governance. International organizations, Local and regional authorities provide insights and on-the-ground knowledge of conditions and challenges faced by communities around the Baltic Sea. National and pan-Baltic cultural organizations infuse the partnership with and understanding for culture as a driving force for innovation and engagement. Together we represent decades of experience creating transnational impact through collaboration.

This diverse coalition reflects our commitment to holistic approaches harnessing the collective wisdom of our partners to address the complex issue of fostering social resilience in the Baltic Sea Region.

The BSR Cultural Pearls title is a key outcome of the BSR Cultural Pearls project, financially backed by the European Union’s Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme. With a total budget of 3.5 million euros, of which 2.8 million euros from Interreg, and involving 12 partners, this initiative stands as a significant and extensive effort to foster culture-driven social resilience throughout the Baltic Sea Region. For more details, please visit the project’s page: