What you will gain?

BSR Cultural Pearls title recognizes outstanding culture-driven social resilience work of municipalities.

During the process of competing for the title – the development of your own Culture and Resilience action plan and the implementation phase in the title year, the ultimate gain for your town, city, municipality or region and the citizens will be better functioning, healthier neighbourhoods where co-creation, cooperation, involvement of different stakeholders will create mutual trust, civic engagement and better understanding between decision – makers and citizens.

Benefits of being part of BSR Cultural Pearls:

  • You will build your capacity (learning skills, and building cross-sectoral understanding for culture, community and social resilience);
  • You will have a plan, supported by city stakeholders on which to base your financial decisions and actions;
  • You will help citizens to build a stronger sense of belonging with their neighbourhood;
  • Access to a Cultural Pearls project partner funded seed money initiative: a ready-made model and guidebook for establishing innovative collaborations with the local Culture and Creative Sector to address social resilience issues;
  • You will gain additional visibility: international marketing, local and international award ceremony – creating momentum in the community, region and  nationally;
  • You will be a more attractive and competitive place – for settlement, investment or tourism;
  • You will be better connected internationally by being a part of a professional network in the Baltic Sea Region.