Strengthening the capacity of cities

to work with their communities
to increase social resilience through culture.

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What is culture-driven social resilience and why it is important?

Social resilience refers to the ability of individuals, communities and societies to withstand and recover from social, economic, and environmental shocks and stresses. It involves the capacity to adapt and learn from these challenges, as well as to maintain or improve social and economic well-being. And culture can play a big role in helping that – common values, language, customs and social forms can help people overcome adversity.

Cultural activities such as music, dance, theatre, and visual arts can bring people together, foster a sense of belonging, and create social connections. This can help to build social resilience by increasing social capital and creating a support network that can help individuals and communities to weather difficult times.

The countries in the Baltic Sea Region differ in size, their historic background and cultural heritage, but they all share common challenges such as climate crisis, demographic change or political tensions. Therefore, it is important to develop a shared understanding of the importance of social resilience and to work together to strengthen it.

How BSR Cultural Pearls tackle the social resilience?

After undergone the application process for BSR Cultural Pearls, the selected candidates will participate in the uptake program by offering tools specifically designed to help municipalities develop an individually tailored Cultural and social resilience action plan and a peer-mentoring program to support them in implementing it.

The benefit of the cities participating is the one-year long work in progress that results in the concreate culture driven actions that will make them a place where their citizens and stakeholders have a stronger sense of belonging, will feel engaged and act for the common good. This way, these community will be more attractive and stronger prepared to respond to external disturbances.

To gain visibility and encourage others, the program will showcase all Pearls across the Baltic Sea Region through the awarding ceremonies and wide communication activities celebrating the achievements, great ideas and community involvement.

BSR Cultural Pearls is a programme for smaller towns, cities and municipalities

that strengthens the capacity to work with their communities through culture to increase social resilience, quality of life and attractiveness, while increasing their international profile and visibility. Annually, four candidates are awarded the title of “Cultural Pearl” by an international jury.

The pilot phase of the programme is launched and the selection process of applicants for BSR Cultural Pearl title 2024 is in progress.

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By participating in the BSR Cultural Pearls programme the biggest asset you get is the well-developed and ready to implement Culture and Social resilience action plan, capacity and visibility.

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Project Lead Partner -
Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat
Felix Schartner Giertta, Project Coordinator
+ 46 73 026 73 12