Culture for Resilience Forum 2024

BSR Cultural Pearls Forum 2024: The Transformative Power of Culture in Enhancing Social Resilience and Building Stronger Communities

Culture has the power to strengthen our communities and increase our social resilience. The Culture for Resilience Forum 2024, an event focusing on the role of culture in societal resilience and community strengthening, is set to take place in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari, Finland on 7-8 May 2024. The Forum is organised by the BSR Cultural Pearls project, co-funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme. 

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Why attend

The medium-sized cities and towns in the Baltic Sea Region face a range of shared challenges such as declining populations, an ageing society, community isolation, security threats, economic downturns, and climate change. Culture and creative industries (CCI) have the potential to address these problems by consolidating and empowering communities, thereby building their social resilience.

The forum offers an unparalleled platform for exploring the link between culture and social resilience in these times of change and uncertainty, underscoring the need to strengthen our communities. It notably provides insights into the role of culture in bolstering community strength and resilience to various challenges. Additionally, the forum examines the strategic roles of culture in place-making. It presents a unique opportunity to engage with key cultural, academic, and political figures, and to be part of a transformative dialogue on culture-driven social resilience.

Who should attend

In the Culture for Resilience Forum 2024 municipality representatives from the Baltic Sea Region will have the opportunity to connect internationally to other cities and towns facing the same problems and learn from their experiences overcoming the challenges of the day. Likewise, professionals from the culture and creative industries (CCI) will have the opportunity to network internationally and build contacts with municipalities.

In addition to the project partners, representatives of the cities awarded the title BSR Cultural Pearls 2024 as well as non selected candidate municipalities, regional, national, and local public authorities, cultural institutions, academics, and knowledge intermediaries from the Baltic Sea Region and beyond are invited to attend. The forum is especially relevant for professionals connected to culture and social resilience in a municipal setting.


Registration was closed on 15 April 2024.